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Are you looking for a fitness experience that you CRAVE? 
Are you sick of spinning your wheels and wearing out shoes on a TREADMILL? 
Or, are you looking to transform your body? 

Check out the hottest thing to hit Modesto in fitness! Get Fit Guaranteed is excited to announce a second location that takes the best of what we provide in our personal training studio- and then bumps it up to a whole new level! 

Take part in classes you can't find anywhere else in the Central Valley. Walk in feeling dull and exhausted. Leave feeling inspired, charged, and energized about life and your body. Show up to our classes, and allow our professional motivators to inspire you to have more fun than you thought was possible at a GYM! 

This is not a meat market (sorry guys), or a social club. This is a atmosphere that is focused on connecting based on a shared passion- getting fit and loving every minute of it! 

  • TRX on a whole other level. Have you gotten a little taste of TRX at the gym? Let us give you a full course meal based on TRX.
  • Yoga in a clean, modern studio with an instructor who inspires you to embrace the joy of yoga without the pressure, competition, and judgment so prevalent in our society. 
  • Motivators who want to get to know YOU and help you through your process. 
  • You won't ever have to wonder what to do- there will always be a professional motivator there to make sure you get the best burn in the time that you put in! 


Ready to sign up? Click this link to get your modesto fitness inspiration membership today!  Our inspiration studio is located at 2801 McHenry Avenue, Suite D next to Hobby Lobby.

But do I have to sign a long term contract? Nope! Your contract defaults for a year to lock in your rate, but you can cancel at ANY time with just a 30 day written notice.

How is this different from a gym? We don't expect you to come in and "train yourself." We provide you with personal trainers leading fantastic classes that will motivate and inspire you. While 60% of gym memberships go unused- we have a really high use/success rate! Why? Because this is a place where people are banding together to get healthy! Are you ready to find something that really works? Are you sick of being "SOLD" and locked into a long term contract only to find out that you really don't LIKE going to the gym?

Come to the first "gym" in Modesto that banks on you loving what we have and you being successful! If you don't like it, or it doesn't get you results- you leave! Have questions? Give us a call at (209) 606-8256.